• Kabocha Squash, Social Media, & Valentino

Kabocha Squash, Social Media, & Valentino


image via Joseph De Leo Photography

Happy Friday, friends!

We’re so thankful that our weekly grind at Our Heiday Studio is all kinds of wonderful, but we love that Friday afternoon hallelujah-it’s-the-weekend bliss as much as anyone. To celebrate the close of each week, we’re putting our F-R-I(YAY!) acronym to use and sharing yummy things we’re Feasting on, current happenings we’ve been Reflecting on, and design finds we’re Inspired by! 

This week, we're...

  • Reflecting on vlogger/Instagrammer Essena Oneill’s decision to quit social media. It's so crippling to live under the pressure of crafting a perfect image, so tiresome to exist for the approval of an audience. We've absolutely been there, too, and somehow, that virtual validation never delivers on the satisfaction it promises. Social media is truly the sharpest double-edged sword, but we're big believers in harnessing it for good - to share encouragement and bring light. We're committed to unplugging over the weekend to rest, brunch, play, and celebrate with our best people. Because life's best moments are meant to be lived, not documented.
  • Inspired by Valentino’s Resort 2016 collection - the color palettes and textures have somehow managed to wrap themselves into a magical combination of moody, ethereal, bohemian, and chic. So stunning.

images via Vogue

We hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with lots of leisure, the yummiest eats, and so many people you love! 

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