• Our Phone Cases Are Here!

Our Phone Cases Are Here!

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It's true, friends! Our phone cases are here! We’ve absolutely loved your excitement over these - all of your inquiries and sweet enthusiasm have only made us that much more antsy to release them. And today is the day! We’re pretty much over the moon and hope you are, too :)

Isn’t it funny how phone cases have become somewhat of a fashion statement in and of themselves? (We have proof!) They really make those ubiquitous smartphones feel like a subtle extension of our personal aesthetic - a little pop to brighten our everyday. We love them here at Our Heiday and are so thrilled to finally send some of our favorite designs your way through these six little ladies! We hope they’ll make every text, phone call, and email you send just a little bit lighter.

The process of creating these phone cases has been in the works for months and months, so to finally have them in the studio, ready to share with all of you, feels like a dream. Producing these cases start to finish has truly been a labor of love - lots of trial and error to get the colors, details, and quality just right so that they’re perfect when they land in your hands.

We’ve included a little FAQ here to address some of the questions we’ve been getting about these. Please leave any other questions you have in the comments below and we’ll do our best to respond!

  1. When will these be available for purchase?

    These are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping early January. 

  2. Where can we purchase them?

    You can purchase these cases through our website or check our stockist list and see if any shops near you to see plan to carry these!

  3. What models are these cases available for?

    Our cases are available for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s plus.

  4. What about for the iPhone 5?

    Unfortunately, these will only be available for iPhone 6 models and beyond.

  5. Will you make cases for any Samsung or LG phones? 

    We’d love to. We haven’t started production for these models yet, but the possibility is definitely on the table!

  6. What material are they made of?

    Our cases are made out of high quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which is highly resistant to dirt, oil, grease, and scratches. They’re firm but slightly pliable, which helps these guys go on and stay on!

We’d love to know, which case will you be starting the new year with? Let us know in the comments below!
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