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You know those nights you get sucked into the blackest of black holes, better known as social media, and what starts out as an innocent feast of design inspiration, visual travel diaries, and the most gorgeous avocado toasts you ever did see ends up being the loneliest hour (or five) you’ve had all day? Somehow you end up scrolling, swiping, and clicking your way down the rabbit hole of Insta-land, mindlessly tumbling from handle to handle. In a matter of mere moments, everything about your life literally pales to beige in comparison to what you see in those filtered feeds, each one somehow inundated with the very things you never knew existed but suddenly need right this second. If you're not careful to guard yourself with truth, this virtual exchange can be so, so cruel - subtly taunting you that the life you have, the things you’ve done - and most insidiously - the person you are, are not enough. And it'll lie, promising you that achieving those #goals might get you there. But can somebody tell us, where exactly is "there"?

Our intention is not to criticize any social media outlet in the slightest (least of all Instagram, which we so appreciate for all the beauty and inspiration it’s mediated since its inception), but rather to encourage each of us to equip ourselves with the truest truths as we navigate life within this digital panopticon: that you’re amazing just for being you and that your life is beautiful and significant because it’s real. No filters necessary.

A few thoughts for the next time you’re scrolling through your social media feeds and those feelings of inadequacy began to rise up or you start wishing that your life was a little more this or a whole lot less that…

Would we stand our ground against that heartless thief called Comparison - no, you're not welcome here. you will not steal my joy today. We’ll tell him once and tell ourselves twice because we so quickly forget that he’s powerless without our permission.

Would we know that our worth is rooted in things far deeper and more consequential than the number of followers or double-taps on our photos - that such measures are shallow and couldn’t even scratch the surface of our real value or the true quality of our lives.

And finally, would we remember that life's best moments are rarely posed or staged or styled or filtered - that often, the sweetest ones happen too organically to capture in a frame, their magnitude too wonderful to credit in a caption.  Sudsy giggles with your littles in the bath, a bear hug from your person in the exact moment you need it, an unexpected compliment from a stranger, the way your world settles around you after a phone call with your mom. Would we remember how these raw, undocumented moments gave us all the feelings?

They are what dreams are made of.

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