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How We Pow Wow

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Team meetings are kinda like getting massages on the regular: you’d really love to invest in a Burke Williams membership but never get around to it because do we really have the time for that? Or the budget? And while bi-weekly massages may seem totally expendable - a luxury that sits on that unreachable top shelf - it’s undeniable that everything works and feels so much better once you’ve gotten those knots kneaded and kinks worked out.  That hour of face-down bliss leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day, whether that includes checking off a to-do list, grinding your 9 - 5, or chasing your littles around the house.

We love our weekly pow wows and make them a priority because some of our best moments happen around the table. Once a week, we drop everything, FaceTime our New York gal (hello, what was business before technology??), grab some snacks, and regroup about all things Our Heiday - ongoing and upcoming projects, design decisions, general housekeeping - nothing’s off limits. These chats create space for us to touch base, bounce ideas off one another, and gain fresh perspective. Truly, ten times out of ten, we end our meetings refocused, refreshed, and better equipped to tackle our collective and individual goals.

Burke Williams, meet Our Heiday ;) 

Today, we want to share with you three things that help us regroup regularly and effectively!  

1. Have a concise but comprehensive agenda

Like we mentioned, nothing is off limits, but we do set a clear agenda ahead of time to keep these chats focused and productive. We keep a running list of items that everyone can contribute to throughout the week and then pre-meeting, girl boss Patricia pares it down to the most pertinent topics. Streamlining our agenda helps us avoid too many unnecessary tangents and keeps us on track with specific objectives. 

2. Give these meetings prime time

It might seem intuitive to work these meetings around circumstances - scheduling them during lulls or squeezing them in before big decisions - but we’ve found that slotting them in at a regular, predetermined time and prioritizing this hour and a half gives our team an amazing rhythm. We rendezvous on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am because convening early in the day and week allows us to touch base on our individual/collective projects and address any obstacles before the bulk of the week ensues.

3. Keep it democratic

Our meetings rarely call for official say-yay-or-nay votes, but we do use this time to intentionally invite each person to share her thoughts on project ideas, product development, brand decisions, partnerships, or any other items on the table. These conversations offer unique perspective and incredible insight into how we can best make our ideas fly rather than flop. There are plenty of times where executive decisions must be made, but they’re far better informed once we’ve discussed their ins and outs as a team.


If you and your team pow wow regularly, we’d love to hear what works for you in the comments below!

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