• Our "Home is" Campaign

Our "Home is" Campaign

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So much of what we do at Our Heiday is inspired by the juxtaposition of the places we’ve been and the spaces we’ve occupied - carpets of tulip fields just outside of Amsterdam or the most sublime sunset over a concrete jungle. We love finding the beauty in the balance - that delicate space between the the soft and the rigid, the refined and the playful. 

These dichotomies often leave us twinkly-eyed with inspiration, but when the starkest juxtaposition of all is that between dire poverty and rapid gentrification right here in our backyard, our hearts are heavy. We so long for a leveling off, for the abrupt lines to soften. For our city to be whole. We love this City of Angels and are so thankful to experience this dynamic intersection of place and time, where creativity is celebrated big-time, amazing restaurants crop up by the dozens, and historic DTLA is waking up from its long slumber. But just a quick turn outside the Arts District will quickly reveal that not all that glitters is gold.

Skid Row, the nation’s largest concentration of homeless people, is located just streets away from where we live, work, and play - 52 blocks of tented communities where over 2,000 marginalized men and women reside. There’s a real vibrancy there, a dynamic sidewalk culture created by the thousands who’ve made Skid Row home, but the realities of poverty are ever-present. The contrast between LA’s urban slums and million dollar high rises is at once remarkable and tragic - the kind of dichotomy between beauty and brokenness that you can’t quite take your eyes off of. As people compelled by juxtaposition, we’ve been moved to do our small part to help fill this gap. 

We’re not experts on the issue of homelessness, but because we love our city and are committed to serving our neighbors, we’ve partnered with LAMP Community to aid the solution in any small way we can. LAMP is an incredible organization that provides sustainable housing and essential services to Los Angeles’ most vulnerable homeless population, particularly those suffering from mental illness. Our friends at LAMP strongly believe that housing is fundamental to healing, a statement that resonates so deeply with us that we’ve made it our mantra - home is hope.  

On November 1st, we launched Home Is, a campaign we've initiated to raise funds for LAMP Community so they can continue helping these men, women, and children move into permanent housing this holiday season.

In 50 days, between November 1st and December 20th, we’ve made a goal to sell (at least!) 50 of our limited-edition ‘Home Is’ prints, designed exclusively for this campaign by our founder & creative director, Patricia Shen. The prints are available for purchase on the website for the duration of this campaign and 100% of all net profits will go directly to LAMP community. 

We hope that you’ll come alongside us this season as we celebrate the many things we’re thankful for and practice living generously. If you too feel incredibly blessed, we’d love for you to help us pass a little light and love along :)

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