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Our Heiday Everyday

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Hello! We’re so excited to launch our newly updated blog, Our Heiday Everyday, as we kick off the beginning what may truly be fall here in LA (summer, we love you, but this heat has got. to. go!). In this space, we’ll be sharing the ongoings of Our Heiday and our thoughts on the many layers beneath the brand - the light, the depth, and the inspiration behind what and why we create. The blog has been part of the shop from the beginning (you can read some of founder Patricia’s musings below!), but we wanted to bring it to life by posting regularly about things we’re whipping up in the studio, tidbits of what makes our brand go ‘round, inspo that makes our hearts sing, and other fun things that we couldn’t keep to ourselves.

Firstly, a whole lotta gratitude is due.

We’re so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to bring a little light into your everyday lives. When we take that moment to pause and let it sink in that our products have made their way into your hands, your homes, and your biggest of big celebrations in places all around the world - we are so humbled that this privilege is ours. We won’t take it for granted for a second and hope you know how grateful we are that you’re cheering us on. Wish we could meet you in a cozy cafe and tell you over coffee and pastries (on us!) how much your support means to us because it is everything.

Where we’ve been…

The past six months have been the absolute best kind of whirlwind as we navigated the aftermath of our NSS debut: we moved into a new studio space in the heart of DTLA (Patricia’s husband is still basking in how much living room space he’s actually had all this time), grew from a solo act to a team of four, packaged product by the thousands (what?!), celebrated our first birthday, and are currently in the thick of developing so many lovely things that we can’t wait to share. We think you’ll love them. 

And where we’re headed (with the sweetest shop dog in tow!)

Part of the beauty of working in a creative industry is that some of the best ideas materialize while taking a stroll in a new city, through a chance social media exchange, over a delicious meal with great company - they’re fluid and organic and when they work, they’re magic. We don’t want to ruin any surprises, but we will say that Our Heiday is coming to you in packages big and small!

Follow along with us here and on Instagram to see what’s ahead :)

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