• I Have a Dream. And Thoughts on Kim.

I Have a Dream. And Thoughts on Kim.

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It's been a while since I wrote a blog post, and I'm so thankful that people still hop on over to see what else we've added to our shop. So thank you, thanks a big bunch for believing in what we're doing and supporting us near and far. I wish I could send you all tubs of my favorite ice cream. Maybe one day. (: Yesterday was an interesting one, an anomalous MLK Day. You might have seen on instagram that we had a little rumble with Kim (no, unfortunately, we didn't go back and forth about our favorite LBD). I got a call earlier in the morning from two friends who saw that Kimmy herself had reposted a hand lettered piece of mine in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and while my first thought was...uh what (?!?!!), I also knew that it was highly unlikely that she'd repost with proper credit. But hop over I did and of course, I see an enlarged (rather pixelated and uncentered - come on, Kim) version and ding ding ding, no credit. For a split second, I felt like I had taken a swig of bad champagne on NYE - you know, the kind that they serve at those crowded bars where you take happily with a little nod to the server because it's that exhilarating moment and the countdown's going and the buzz is high. But then you sip and kind of want to find the nearest trash can because it's some really bad champagne. Awesome and frustrating in one fine glass.

This issue of uncredited reposting has been a frequent conversation that I've had with other artists who use social media to share with the world a little piece of what makes our heart sing. And it's hard. On the one hand, I get it, we subject ourselves to the madness -- not everyone understands or respects this little armor of protection that we creators hold close called copyright. On the other hand, we get to draw some line. We step in when another big fish company starts using our work, our livelihood, to turn a profit or run a huge marketing campaign. But then what happens when a Kardashian swoops in? A multimillion dollar celeb who snatches up something and tosses it up for millions of others to see? I mean she's clearly not using a hand lettered "I have a dream" for her next shoe line. But then she disperses this piece of me for the whole world to grab and all of a sudden I have no control over who gets to use it and how. So after mulling things over for a tiny second, I decided that we try. We try to get Kim to be an honest person, to get them to be honest people, and we ask the community to help. And you all have been so amazing, so wonderful and supportive that we actually got Instagram to think that @ourheiday was spamming Kimmy's feed. Ha! Of course nothing will happen, because she's Kim and I'm Pat, and I'm okay with that. Really. I'm so grateful to you all for taking the time out of your busy days to march this small battle with me and while it was short-lived, I came out of it feeling like we got a huge win. I have an incredible network of people like you who have checked in lovingly, commented furiously, and tried unabashedly. Instead of letting this moment pass, I decided to make two desktop downloadables (a little gender variation never hurts!) for you to use with the same hand lettered "I have a dream" to remind yourselves that we can dream big, reach for the stars, and shoot for the moon. MLK did it. And while we may not become founding fathers of the next Civil Rights Movement, we all have dreams that are grand and magical -- dreams that may take you to discover that next big app, send flowers to a hurting friend, drive supplies over to a nearby school, find a cure for AIDS, or walk home to watch your baby take her first steps.

The links for download are at the bottom! Share it with a friend, save it to your desktops. I freely give this one to ya for any noncommercial use.


Thank you, thank you. I don't think I can say that enough.

I Have A Dream I

I Have A Dream II

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