• When Things Fall Into Place (Pt. 2)

When Things Fall Into Place (Pt. 2)

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Hi, all :) Donna here again continuing on our
previous post about all the things that have fallen into place for us, even (maybe especially) as so many things have strayed from the original plan. I shared a bit about some of the larger pieces that have laid the foundation of Our Heiday, like how Pat’s background in law school equipped her to launch this company and how my time in New York happened to coincide with our NSS debut, but today I’m chatting about the smaller details - all the particulars that have somehow worked themselves out in the midst of this crazy season.

This “crazy season” started last October when Pat and Clarence found out they were semi-unexpectedly pregnant with their first baby (!). Pat FaceTimed me with the news and after about 100 happy gasps and “OH MY GOSH”s, I did a quick countdown from nine months and realized that this tiny person was due just weeks post NSS. Pat had already done the calculations prior to our chat and let me know with a little laugh that I’d just have to run the show. It’ll be great, she said.
Wait, what?
We had only pulled this thing off once before, mind you, and I wasn’t even officially part of the team then! But after the initial shock wore off, it felt a little bit like being asked to hop on stage to perform a number and realizing somehow I already knew all the choreography and lyrics. I worked the show last year simply because I wanted to support Pat and happened to be living in New York, but I had actually been (unknowingly) absorbing all the ins and outs of NSS in preparation for heading our booth the following year. Funny how things work out that way, isn’t it?
To make matters just a little more complicated, Pat developed an extremely rare blood condition in her third trimester of pregnancy, which has necessitated two to three hospital visits per week for the past few months. Thankfully, Clarence’s job has allowed him to work from home so that he can take her to every single appointment - we know it’s a luxury that has been provided for this very season.

On top of the blood condition, Pat’s doctors put her on extended rest for an unrelated reason, meaning that Pat couldn’t be in the studio during the thick of NSS preparation. But things continue to be more than fine: she and Clarence have set up a workspace for her at home and we have an incredible team who does an amazing job at holding down the fort. And I’m here in New York (hi!), able to make arrangements and take care of errands for the show right on location :)
And a final little cherry on top! We’ve recruited my husband to be part of our set-up crew, a position he’s familiar with since he was on site with us last year. We had anticipated we’d set up the booth Friday evening and Saturday with our gal, Amber, to be ready for Sunday morning, but miraculously, he was given Thursday and Friday off from the hospital (he’s in his clinical year of PA school). I mean, do coincidences like this just happen? We’re certain that they don’t, that every detail has been accounted for and we have so much peace in knowing that we’re taken care of.  

Knowing that all things, big and small, have fallen into place for us in ways that we could have never orchestrated quells all of our anxieties about the show and even the future of our business. We trust that we are in Good Hands, unfailing and unchanging. With that said, we hope to see many of you at NSS next week! We'll be in Booth 1664 :) Follow along with us on Instagram for some behind-the-scenes action!

Photos by Lily Glass
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