• Fish Tacos, Wildfires, & Julia Brandão

Fish Tacos, Wildfires, & Julia Brandão


Happy Friday, all! We hope you’ve had a fantastic week.

Currently: It’s officially the last Friday before our team reunites in NYC to set up for the National Stationery Show! Our first show was so special for so many reasons and we’re so excited to be back at Javtis to release all of our new products and see both new and familiar faces. Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram to see all the things we have up our sleeves!
This week, we’re…
  • Feasting on so many variations of red cabbage slaw and fish tacos, two things we have on rotation this spring because they make for such a fresh and satisfying meal. Fish tacos are so versatile and forgiving that they hardly require a recipe, but we appreciate that this simple one from Chowhound uses grilled fish and basic spices we can find in our pantries.
  • Reflecting on the wildfires in Canada and feeling so heartbroken over the devastation and turmoil these fires have caused. We’re sending prayers for the thousands that lost loved ones or homes or businesses, for the firefighters on the frontlines, for the city leaders and decision makers, and for the surrounding communities to have the strength to navigate this difficult time.

  • Inspired by the simplicity of Julia Brandão’s work, which has us thinking about the power of color interaction. We know firsthand the impact that the slightest shift in color can have and we appreciate the thought behind something that seems so effortless, even easy.

We hope your weekend is whatever you need it to be - rest, play, or a little bit of both.


all images via Julia Brandão

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