• Our Go-To Box Sets

Our Go-To Box Sets

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You know that go-to outfit you have, the one that kinda feels like a magic trick tucked in your bag pocket? The kind you can throw on any day of the week and feel great in? It's that perfect combination of pulled together and comfortable and somehow feels appropriate for every occasion. An outfit like that is golden for those running-late-no-coffee-bad-hair-day mornings because, hallelujah, it just works when nothing else does. 

That’s kind of how we feel about our Bouquet Series Assorted Box Sets - they’re perfect for just about any occasion and we find ourselves reaching for them year round for anything from birthday wishes to thank you notes or thinking-of-you sentiments. Tiny conveniences like these are so necessary because life is such a whirlwind, and we really believe easy should be beautiful, too.

Shop these for all those moments you'd love to send your faraway friends some just-because snail mail or need a bundle of thoughtful thank you cards for your party guests. 

And if you're loving these for your walls this spring, you're in luck because every design is also available as an individual art print. They're so, so lovely framed as part of those wall galleries. 

Bouquet Series Art Prints here | All box sets here 

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