• Celebrating New Mamas & Mamas-To-Be

Celebrating New Mamas & Mamas-To-Be

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We’ve slowly began traversing the Territory of Babies and we kinda love it! It's one of the hallmarks of this decade of our lives: our social media feeds are sprinkled with pregnancy announcements and dinner dates with friends have moved up from their usual 7pm rezzies because oh, bedtime for the little munchkins, of course. This exposure to #momlife has got us feeling especially thankful for our own mamas this season, for how they welcomed this monumental shift in their lives twenty-something years ago and never looked back.

If you’re celebrating those beautiful new moms and mamas-to-be this Mother’s Day, shop our Mother’s Day and Baby Collections to send them thoughtful well-wishes, perhaps along with a box of diapers or a hot meal. We’re sure these ladies could use some extra hands in these first few weeks postpartum or during that final stretch of pregnancy. What better way to celebrate motherhood than supporting the new mamabirds around us? :)

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