• Frittata, Chipotle, & Cobalt Blue

Frittata, Chipotle, & Cobalt Blue


Happiest Friday, everyone! If you’ve spent your week crossing off checklists and meeting deadlines, we’re right there with you.
Currently: In full-blown pre-production mode as we count down the weeks (3!) until NSS. We feel a little crazy between packaging orders, making (and then somehow promptly losing) to-do lists, and securing final details for the show, but we’re trying to take it all in stride. We’ve said this before, but between mailers and lighting and giveaways, preparing for NSS feels a little bit like planning a tiny wedding.
This week, we’re…
  • Feasting on frittatas like this shaved asparagus one from Smitten Kitchen. It’s the perfect combination of so many of our favorite things: seasonal vegetables, creamy cheese, and prosciutto. We love frittatas for springtime and eggs for easy weeknight meals, so this dish is a win-win all around.
  • Reflecting on Chipotle’s announcement to add chorizo to their menu and a loyalty program for their most supportive customers. We’ve been disappointed by the chain’s multiple E.Coli outbreaks over the past year, but we’re rooting for Chipotle’s comeback and hope these changes revitalize some business in the near future! You have to admit, there are few takeout meals as satisfying as a burrito bowl for under $10.

  • Inspired by Cobalt blue - don’t shy away from it! We’ve seen this one rise and fall on the trend map, but we’re insisting that it shouldn’t be that way. The bold and beautiful always have a place somewhere and we love the way these organic, yet structured patterns let the richness of the color come alive. Have you been following our “Got The Blues” board on Pinterest? We kind of love these hues that much.

We hope your weekend is filled with all the rest and quality time and that those to-do lists get tucked away until Monday :)

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  • Jul 22 2017

    Viva la blue…it will always be my favorite hue!

    — thefolia

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