• Balancing Work + Motherhood

Balancing Work + Motherhood

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We’re just a few weeks away from NSS and we’re feeling all sorts of things. There’s the excitement and anticipation, of course, along with a whole heap of gratitude for the year of business we’ve had and the one to come. And as of last October when we found out that Patricia was pregnant, weaved into all the feelings has been a comical disbelief that her due date pretty much coincided with the show and that she wouldn’t physically be able to join us in New York this year.
Of all the surprises!

The unexpectedness of Pat’s pregnancy has actually been really wonderful for us both personally and professionally because it’s pressed us to grapple with the realities of juggling family and business.

  • To know that such is life and that even the biggest events rarely go accordingly to plan.

  • To invest and trust in a team that can do the job well because micromanaging is unsustainable and exhausting all around.

  • To prioritize family first no matter what. We’re all about the working mama, but no level of professional success is worth your child or spouse’s heartache.

  • To understand that work is an incredible blessing, but never the source of our identity. 

It's such a hard thing, this being a working mother, and sometimes we can't have our cake and eat it, too. We’re finding such freedom in learning to let go a little more each day and setting good patterns for the rest of our lives. We're thinking about all of you hardworking mamas in the world and honoring you this Mother's Day season!
Photos of Patricia by Lily Glass 
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  • Apr 28 2016

    Hi Marilynn! Thanks so much for stopping by :) Patricia’s top is Zara, but from a previous season!

    — Our Heiday

  • Apr 28 2016

    I love your top! Where is it from? :)

    Love the article too…of course ;)

    — marilynn lerum

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