• Banana Muffins, Vacations, & Bougainvillea

Banana Muffins, Vacations, & Bougainvillea


Happiest Friday! We hope you’ve had an amazing week, despite tax day looming just ahead.
Currently: NSS preparations are in full swing and we’re feeling the pressure a tiny bit, but we’ve managed to keep our sanity in tact (for now). We’re crossing off checklists and finalizing products and can’t wait to reveal all the newness next month!
This week, we’re…

  • Feasting on these hearty banana muffins that are so delicious we’re on our second batch this week. They’re spongy, sweet, and so amazing with a dollop of plain yogurt, a smear of PB, and a substantial drizzle of honey. We love that they’re filled with only the good and simple things - all ingredients we can pronounce and find in our pantries.
  • Reflecting on these dreamy vacations that we’re just a little tempted to spend our tax refund on. Tahiti, Thailand, or Dubai and Kenya at these amazing prices? Yes, please!
  • Inspired by bougainvillea. All of us Angelenos likely grew up taking this pretty weed for granted. This bright little lady sprouts up on chain link fences and climbs up the sides of houses without a second thought. But how lucky are we that we can take a few steps down any street and grab a bundle to make any space pop?? Undoubtedly at her best wild and free (aren’t we all?), but seeing her carefully arranged in gorgeous arrangements, we’re about that, too.

Even if you have taxes on your agenda this weekend, we hope you’ll take a little time for yourself...a long bath, some banana muffins, a few deep breaths over coffee :) Have a great one, friends!

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