• Small Victories & Why They Matter

Small Victories & Why They Matter

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There are so many of measures of success for small businesses like ours: quantifiable things like revenue, for one, or perhaps the percentage of growth over a year. And while these tangible markers are undeniably so important, the subtler feats can be just as gratifying.

getting the tiniest of details just right,

creating internal systems that just work,

implementing the perfect storage solution,

honoring our promised turnaround time for every order.

We’re careful that our larger-scale success is not merely a flimsy house of cards by laying down the foundation of smaller victories, even if that means bridling growth for the sake of sustainability, longevity, and especially integrity. We’ve embraced the value of quality over quantity as part of our business model and it makes us so happy to know that every product we send out is designed, printed, and packaged with care.

(above photo by Lily Glass)


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